Input Distribution

m-Omulimisa Inpu Distribution

We have partnered with suppliers of agricultural inputs and through our network of community-based agents, we distribute genuine and low priced inputs to farmers in their communities.

More About Input Distribution

This model improves access to genuine inputs in rural farming communities and saves farmers money they would otherwise spend in transport fares to distant trading centers to buy inputs. The inputs distributed through our model are at least 20% cheaper than the prices in the input shops in the farming communities. We earn commission from supplying these inputs which is also shared with our agents. The agents are self-employed so they have a responsibility to build their enterprises by recruiting and training more farmers and mobilizing them into groups.

Achievements for Input Distribution

Maize seeds: 51tns
Soya Bean: 60tns
Sunflower: 30tns
Sorghum 25tns

Like several of our new products and services, we launched the inputs distribution product last season and we were able to supply 3.5 tons of Maize and Bean seed through our network of village agents. Through partnerships with large input distributors and seed companies, our agents were able to access quality inputs at prices 20% lower than the prevailing market prices in the farming communities.

More of the Achievements

For instance, we supplied a 2 kg packet of Longe 10H from NASECO at 12,000/= while the same was selling at 15,000 in Agro dealer shops in the farming communities. Similarly, we supplied Monsanto’s hybrid maize seed at 17,000/= for a 2 kg packet while it sold at 20,000/= in inputs shops in the farming communities. They were able to pass on this benefit to farmers which meant that farmers were able to access quality inputs at lower prices. The agents have since reported that they outcompeted other retailers in their communities as well as superior quality (germination and plant vigor). The challenges we have faced with implementation of this product are mainly related to logistics such as coordinating transportation to delivery points upcountry and theft of items by some unscrupulous bus company staff.