Group Input Loan Facility

We leverage mobile technology, farmer networks, and partnerships to provide a bundle of agriculture-related services.

These services include improved seed, fertilizer, post-harvest materials such as storage bags and tarpaulins, agriculture insurance delivered through a microloan product provided in partnership with Microfinance Institutions (MFIs).

The product is distributed through a network of commission-based village agents. The agent conducts an initial farmer group assessment to ensure they profile groups that meet our basic criteria (the group must have been in existence for at least a year above, must be registered at least at the sub-county, the group should have saved at least 3,000,000 in their last saving cycle – usually a year, have a constitution, etc.).

The loan is an unsecured (no collateral needed) group loan that relies on the group’s social capital.

agricultural loan

Value Proposition

Other Services

Our extension service heavily relies on partnerships with existing actors in the agricultural extension ecosystem. We integrate within their traditional extension to improve their efficiency and effectiveness

Available weather information sources usually provide data likely from a station that’s far away, rendering the data useless for local decision making.

AIC is a consortium of insurance companies providing subsidized agriculture insurance under the Uganda Agricultural Insurance Scheme (UAIS) a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement with Uganda Insurers Association (UIA) and Government of Uganda.

Other Services

Our Village Agent Model follows a holistic approach – so it provides a variety of services such as inputs acquisitions, agricultural finance, production and marketing.

The platform uses our mobile application for data collection and is purposely built to improve the effectiveness, timeliness, and accuracy of data collection from rural areas where internet connectivity may not be reliable.