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Godfrey’s farm is 20 minutes away from the main road of Ngogwe, Uganda. He is a farmer and a father of two children. He has been using m-Omulimisa SMS Services since early 2017 and knew how to use the platform from a training session conducted by World Vision Uganda. 

In the last several months, he has sent many inquiries to m-Omulimisa regarding different plant diseases that he discovered on his farm. One time, his maize garden was attacked by the Fall Army Worm and some of his maize plants were eaten up by the worms overnight. He sought immediate help and sent an inquiry text to the platform on the same day that he found out about the worm. Later, in the response from the extension officer, a chemical called Dudu Fenos was recommended to spray on the maize plants. As soon as he can, Godfrey purchased the recommended chemical in the closest store and applied the solution to his maize garden. 

Now, the maize plants are growing well on his farm and he is waiting to harvest later this year. He exclaimed that he would have lost all his maize without the help from m-Omulimisa. Besides his commercial plants like maize and orange, he also grows avocados and pumpkins only for his family. With his limited English, Godfrey told us that he wanted to “make his children strong” by planting these nutritious plants.