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Weather & Market Information

Reliable and up-to-date market information enable farmers to negotiate with traders from a position of greater strength. We collect and digitize market information from over 33 local markets across Uganda and make it available to farmers in their local languages via mobile.

Similarly, we provide reliable, accurate, and localized weather information to farmers via mobile phones. This information is available via SMS, mobile app, and website in over 7 local languages including, Luganda, Runyankore, Runyoro/Rutooro, Lumasaaba, Kakwa, Lugbara, Acholi, and Lango.

Market Information You Can Trust

Up-to-date market information enables farmers to negotiate with traders from a position of greater strength. It also facilitates spatial distribution of products from rural areas to urban areas and between urban markets by sending clear price signals from urban consumers to rural producers regarding quantities and varieties required. It also enables farmers to make planting decisions in line with urban consumer demand, including those related to new crops.

At M-Omulimisa, we collect price information from 33 markets across Uganda including major buyers in the Lango sub-region and make this available to you on your phone for a small fee.

Reliable Weather Information on your Phone

Available weather information sources usually provide data likely from a station that’s far away, rendering the data useless for local decision making. In partnerships with aWhere, we collect weather data from meteorological stations around the world and interpolate it into 9km grid cells- it’s like having a complete meteorological station every 9km! Within each grid cell, we provide 3-5 years of historical, daily-observed and forecasted weather data.

This reliable weather data will not only help you plan your farming activities better but will also help you will spend less on farm inputs and get higher yields because you are able to plan your farming activities better. With only UGX 1,000 per week, you will receive real-time localized weather data specific to your parish (using GPS data) on your phone accurate up to a 9km radius.

Weather Information

We provide real-time weather data to help you plan your farming activities better and spend less on farm inputs.

Other Services

Through partnerships with existing Micro finance institutions, and our network of village agents, we provide agricultural loans to farmer groups.

Our extension service heavily relies on partnerships with existing actors in the agricultural extension ecosystem. We integrate within their traditional extension to improve their efficiency and effectiveness

The platform uses our mobile application for data collection and is purposely built to improve the effectiveness, timeliness, and accuracy of data collection from rural areas where internet connectivity may not be reliable.

Other Services

AIC is a consortium of insurance companies providing subsidized agriculture insurance under the Uganda Agricultural Insurance Scheme (UAIS) a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement with Uganda Insurers Association (UIA) and Government of Uganda.

Our Village Agent Model follows a holistic approach – so it provides a variety of services such as inputs acquisitions, agricultural finance, production and marketing.