M-Omulimisa Innovative Agricultural Services

M-Omulimisa is an agriculture technology company that leverages mobile technology, farmer networks, and partnerships to provide a bundle of agriculture-related services to smallholder farmers.

Through partnerships with microfinance institutions, and our network of village agents, we provide agricultural loans to farmer groups.

The agents mobilize farmers into groups and help the groups become credit worthy through training in group savings and credit as well as financial literacy.

The agents then monitor groups and provide updates on the progress throughout the farming and ensure that the groups adhere to the loan payment plan.

Our mobile and web-based platform enables farmers to interactively exchange information with extension workers in their local languages, on any kind of phone. Farmers can ask any agriculture-related questions with pictures of their diseased plants or animals and receive instant feedback from extension officers by either SMS or mobile app.

Our extension service heavily relies on partnerships with existing actors in the agricultural extension ecosystem. We integrate into their traditional extension services delivery model to improve their efficiency and effectiveness

We collect information from over 33 markets across Uganda and provide it to farmers via mobile phones in their local languages. By providing reliable and localized market information, we help to guide farmers’ decision-making on where, what, when and whom to sell to.

Our weather information service provides reliable and localized weather information to farmers on their mobile phones, in their local languages. You can choose to receive weather information for your parish or specific to your farm (using GPS coordinates) and we will deliver it to you in a language of your choice by SMS, mobile app or via email.

Through a partnership with the Agriculture Insurance Consortium (AIC) – we provide highly subsidized agriculture insurance to farmers through our network of agents. AIC is a consortium of insurance companies providing subsidized (up to 50%) agriculture insurance under the Uganda Agricultural Insurance Scheme (UAIS) a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement with the Uganda Insurers Association (UIA) and the government of Uganda.

More than 3 billion people – the majority of which live in rural areas – have no access to the internet.

In a world where access to information and other services is becoming more dependent on the internet, organizations and governments find it difficult to reach rural, disconnected communities.

Our mobile learning service improves access to information and other critical services to unreached rural communities via mobile technology in local languages.

Farmer profiling is the anchor of the M-Omulimisa platform. All other services that we provide, especially agro-input loans and extension services,  rely on accurate farmer profiles collected through our network of village agents.

The profiling module is made up of three components: data collection forms, web server, and the web client. The platform uses our mobile application for data collection and is purposely built to improve the effectiveness, timeliness, and accuracy of data collection from rural areas where internet connectivity may not be reliable.

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M-Omulimisa Team

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We are a team that will work exceedingly to ensure that farmers get quality inputs, agricultural insurance and also provide financial assistance as well as extension services. 


Daniel Ninsiima

Founder and Managing Director


Dr. Denis Male

Food & Environmental  Specialist


Viola Nuwaha

Specialist Communication and Research





Acayo Jennifer Lalam

Agriculture Specialist


Saida Nakaziba

Project planner and manager


Muwawu Samuel

Field facilitating officer

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